Cortex, USA was started in 2005 by founder Erez Maman. It continues to be a privately-held company with headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida.
Erez Maman began his career in the hair and beauty world, selling hair styling tools. The highlight of his day was seeing the ecstatic looks on his clients’ faces when they realized that he had transformed their sometimes damaged and difficult to work-with hair into beautiful, healthy, glossy, shining hair.
Erez gathered a small team to develop professional-quality tools so that every woman could experience beauty every day with Cortex-USA hair styling products. He wanted to ensure that affordable tools of high quality could be within reach of everybody. He is particularly proud that his mother is still using the same flat iron since 2007!

Cortex-USA also has developed a range of tools for hair stylists. These are by necessity more expensive and are manufactured at an even higher echelon of quality than our retail products. Professional hair styling tools have to be incredibly effective and durable, as they can be in continuous use for up to 8 hours per day.

As the company has grown, Cortex-USA has developed multiple brands, each with its own distinct character, targeted for sale at multiple price points from large retail big box stores to department stores to professional sales. In addition, Cortex-USA has produced private label styling products for large companies in the hair industry.

Cortex-USA has grown and changed over the years. As we outgrew our warehouse in Doral and our original Miami office headquarters, we consolidated our entire team in Pompano Beach, where we have a large warehouse and capacious office space. Our ability to work as a team, so that everyone from the sales staff, the product designers, our e-commerce and copywriters, our package designers, our customer service and shipping department, technology, distribution and accounting personnel are all working together fosters collaboration. Our small but nimble staff is the key to our continued growth and success. In order to put beauty in the hands of every person, we work together as a team, a small but diverse family.