Hair Rage Blow Out Hair Dryer

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Whether you are heading to the office or the club, you need a blow drying tool that is versatile, one that matches your mood, the setting and  your changing hair style. We've got just what you need! The Hair Rage Blowout features 2 speeds and 3 temperatures, which makes it an essential component of your hair care regimen. The variable speeds and temperatures make this blow dryer perfect for your unique hair. We've got you covered, no matter your hairstyle, length, or your hair type. The Hair Rage Blowout distributes the power of the drying process throughout your hair, so your hair dries quickly and evenly. With cutting edge technology that focuses air exactly where it's needed, you won't overdry your hair, which can cause frizz and damage. Our Cool Blast sets and locks in the style, resulting in healthy, glossy, hairstyles, full of life, light and movement.


  • 2 Speeds & 3 Temperatures, allowing versatility to meet the needs of all hair types and lengths
  • Cool Blast: sets and locks in the style
  • Removable rear filter, allows you to clean the blow dryer easily, extending the life of the blow dryer
  • Includes two concentrators
  • 1875 Watt high speed drying and uniform heat dispersing technology
  • 2 Year Warranty